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Working together to bring you the very best flowers

Paula Baxter

Flower farmer and florist

Found outside in all weathers, growing is her default, flowers a bit of an obsession

Ray Baxter

Flower farmer and Beekeeper

Usually on a roof, under a tractor, wrestling polytunnels, in a beekeeping suit, behind a camera or covered in mud. In his 'spare' time Ray also teaches Beekeeping. 

Larry and Co

Grazers and Manurers

Our resident flock of Zwartble sheep plus Larry

Captain and Tiger

Rodent Patrol

Double trouble


We moved to Berwickshire in 2010, to a smallholding with 4 acres a huge pond and a couple of derelict cottages. We've gone slowly, renovated the buildings, tried out a few things, camping, sheep breeding, vegetable growing, bees, flower farming, natural dyeing, and ribbonmaking. 

Paula started Mill Pond Flower Farm in 2012 as a part time venture alongside paid employment, intending to sell a few flowers on a farm stand outside the house. It's expanded quite a bit since then and it's now our main business and income. We love what we do!


We're not traditional farmers or florists, the whole process happens here - we grow the flowers, cut and condition them, arrange and sell them direct to florists and the public.

We use only what we grow, or can easily obtain from similar local growers.

We grow what does well here, mostly outside and always

without herbicides or pesticides.

We have limited stocks, purely what's already planted in the flower field . We plan well and often a year or more ahead to make sure we have the flowers we need, but when we've reached our limit of orders for the week, we close our order book.

We offer a personal service, when you phone or call in, it'll be Paula or Ray you speak to.