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Bunches, Buckets and Bouquets

Bunches, Bouquets and Buckets of blooms for local delivery. We currently deliver on Friday each week on a route across

 our corner of east Berwickshire, from Berwick to Swinton to Duns to Eyemouth and all the lovely places in between.

Once restrictions are lifted, flowers will be able to be collected from the farm Tuesday to Saturday.

Funeral and Wedding flowers for delivery by arrangement

Seasonal Flower Bunches

Simple bunches of seasonal flowers and foliage, carefully cut and conditioned

Un-arrranged stems for you to style at home

Delivered to your door on our Friday local delivery route

Loose Flower Buckets

Buckets of flowers and foliage to arrange yourself, for weddings, parties, flower arrangers, and just for fun! 

Available in a choice of colours:

ALL the colours



Dark and light

For collection from the flower farm or delivery on our regular Friday route.

Gift Bouquets

Seasonal flowers arranged, wrapped and delivered to the door, with a message if you want to send one. 

Available in 2 sizes

Garden Bouquet

Luxury Bouquet

What our customers are saying

Beautiful flowers, thank you. 

Just what I needed to brighten my day​!